Viscosity of our 3Dresyns

Our Synthetic and Bio 3Dresyns have been designed to avoid or minimise the use of highly irritant low viscosity monomers to reduce as much as posible any potential safety and health hazards. 

From the rheological (viscosity) perspective all our 3Dresyns can be divided in two rheological groups:

  • Clear versions: they exhibit similar properties but lower viscosity than their equivalent coloring bases. They are transparent and are used in clear finishes. Added pigments will settle/sediment after a while.
  • Coloring bases: they have specially formulated to keep pigments in suspersion for long time. Their yield value viscosity (zero shear viscosity) is higher than their clear version equivalents but have enough flow to print succesfully without affecting the levelling nor the printer. They are translucent, so if used without pigments they will give translucent (not clear) finishes. Since they are not so fluid as their clear versions recovery of any uncured resin can be easily and gently done with the help of a spatula or a piece of carton board.

Several 3Dresyn thinners or diluents have been developed to reduce the viscosity of our 3Dresyns coloring bases. These viscosity thinners are ideal for printer users used to working with low viscosity 3D resins, despite their higher allergic skin and eye irritancy.

While they have been formulated to ensure safe handling, care has to be taken when handling these diluents/thinners:

  • Thinner 3Dresyn H is a Hard diluent or thinner which has been developed to reduce the viscosity of our 3Dresyns. It  has very low viscosity (<150 mPas) and can be used with any of our Ultra Hard and Tough (UHT) and Ultra Hard and Flexible (UHF) 3Dresyns to reduce their viscosity without decreasing significantly their hardness nor their curing speed.
  • Thinner 3Dresyn E is an Elastic diluent or thinner which has been developed to reduce the viscosity of our 3Dresyns. It has extremely low viscosity (<10 mPas) and it has been designed to reduce the viscosity and increase the Elasticity of any of our 3Dresyns, including our Ultra Hard & Tough (UHT), Ultra Hard & Flexible (UHF),  Hard & Flexible (HF), Flexible (F), Soft (S) and Elastic (E) 3Dresyns without sacrificing twisting resistance nor foldability.

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