3D resins require the usage of different type and dosage of functional additives, including Fine Tuners FT, Fine Tuners LB, and optionally colors for printing them with different printers since each printer technology and model use different light wavelengths and power across the vat for printing.

Depending on the resin and printer specifications, different type and dosage of fine tuners, functional additives and colors are required for adjusting printing speed and resolution, which affect the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of 3D prints. The same 3D resin tuned for different printer technologies and models can yield increased or decreased mechanical properties and biocompatibility. For more info read: 

Due to the different printing specifications, or setups variability, made to order resins (and 3D resin customisation) for each printer setup is required for maximum biocompatibility and overall performance.

As example, our multifunctional 3Dresyns since are made to order for different printers may have different rheology / viscosity and mechanical properties for each particular product reference (not for different lots of the same final SKU). This is the reason for not disclosing all the properties specifications as fixed values, such as the viscosity of some 3D resins because the different 3D resin versions, as well as the final dosages of our Fine Tuners and functional additives can affect the viscosity as well as other properties, such as light fastness (yellowing), mechanical properties, and biocompatibility of prints.