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Hydrogel 3D resins

This range of Super Absorbent and high permeable Hydrogel 3D resins and additives are ideal for making:

  • recommended for printing water and alcohol swellable and non swellable super absorbent Hydrogel 3D materials
  • ideal for making very soft gels or jellies ultra elastic hydrogel materials with Shore OO: 0-30, which cannot be directly 3D printed due to their excessive softness and resilience
  • ideal for intricate, complex and highly customizable scaffold structures that can support cell adhesion and promote cell infiltration for tissue engineering 3D and for printing hydrogel scaffolds
  • ideal con making rigid super absorbent and permeable hydrogel materials
  • ultra soft and elastic hydrogel materials, which are printed with a hard consistency but after dipping them in fluids such as water, alcohol or your own chosen media, swell above 300% becoming ultra soft and elastic gels or jellies with Shore OO: 0-30
  • absorptions of more than 3-4 times their weight of water and/or alcohol without losing their original shape
  • this special range of hydrogel products and additives can be combined to wish for choosing your optimum final sorption: absorption and adsorption, besides your chosen degree of swelling, permeability, elongation, softness and consistency after dipping them in water, alcohol or your own chosen fluid