3Dresyns sells online around 400 basic SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for identifying the color, packaging size, functionality, etc of its product portfolio. Some specialty products permit online multifunctionalization with over several thousand colors and up to 4 functional additives, among around 50 functional additive choices, which can be added online for custom design of up to 10 billion ready to use 3D resins.


For each product reference, several versions may be available and new versions are continuously developed for improving each product performance, quality and safety. For ordering a product with the same composition and specifications as a previously ordered one, write a note in the Purchasing Order PO for offline payments, or when ordering online indicate before on each product before checkout: "same version, tuning and specifications as lot number x". If the requested version is still available it will be sent when requested, unless the requested version is permanently discontinued, or improved, or replaced by a new one, by discretionary decision of the Company, which is entitled to modify the compositions of their products without any previous notice, unless an existing supply contract is previously signed. The Company will send the version and tuning of ordered products, which considers the most updated and reliable to fulfil the buyer´s printer/printing specifications.  


SKU stands for “Stock Keeping Unit” and as the name suggests, it is a number that it is assigned to identify and keep track of a distinct type of item for sale, such as a product or service, and all attributes or functionalities associated with the item type that distinguish it from other item types. For a product, these attributes can include material reference, weight, color, functionality, packaging, printer type, etc.

The Company SKUs follow this basic descriptor scheme:

Final SKU: Basic SKU (P+ product number) followed by the Lot number, which includes all the information of the chosen product with all its design variants and subSKUs, such as:

  • V followed by a number stands for the version of the product
  • F stands for Fast version for fast printing speed but lower biocompatibility
  • I stands for Intermediate version for intermediate printing speed and overall properties
  • S stands for Slow version for slow printing speed, improved resolution, ligh fastness and biocompatibility 
  • HV stands for High Viscosity for higher mechanical properties and biocompatibility but higher vat adhesion specially <25ºC
  • LV stands for Low Viscosity for lower vat adhesion but lower mechanical properties and biocompatibility
  • LCD stands for version for LCD printers
  • MLCD stands for version for Monochrome LCD printers
  • DLP stands for version for DLP printers
  • Laser SLA stands for version for Laser SLA printers
  • IJ stands for version for Inkjet printers
  • ULWA stands for Ultra Low Water Absorption version
  • Color subSKU´s for the chosen colors
  • Functionality subSKUs for the up to 4 chosen functionalities
  • etc