Biocompatible 3Dresyns for biomedical devices

3Dresyns offers a broad range of safe bio-based and synthetic bio-compatible 3D resins specifically designed to comply with the Quality requirements for the manufacturing of medical devices (Class I, IIa & IIb of ISO13485:2016. Class III upon request), including:
• biocompatible medical devices
• medical models and devices.
• auditory prosthesis
• dental prosthesis
• bones, cutting guides
• other prosthesis
Our Biocompatible 3Dresyns are compliant with the Quality requirements for the manufacturing of medical devices with Class I, IIa & IIb of ISO13485:2016.
  • Class I devices are low risk devices such as stethoscopes.
  • Class IIa ar general non-active, non implantable medical devices: low-medium risk devices, such as hearing aids, electrocardiographs, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment.
  • Class IIb are medium-high risk devices, such are surgical lasers, infusion pumps (non-implantable), ventilators, intensive care monitoring equipment.
Specific Biocompatible 3Dresyns can be designed upon request to meet higher Classification customer requisites:
  • Class III devices are high risk such as balloon catheters, prosthetic heart valves

Biocompatible bio-based 3Dresyns BIO

We have a broad range of biocompatible renewable & bio-based 3Dresyns BIO.

The basic components of our bio-based 3Dresyns are “green” and are mainly based on natural biological derivatives, which are synthetically functionalized to react with light.

Our 3D resins bio materials exhibit a broad range of physical properties, from super ultra hard and tough SUHT (non brittle) to flexible and elastic grades for the manufacturing of medical  devices (Class I, IIa & IIb of ISO13485:2016).

Biocompatible 3Dresyns BIO are mainly synthetically funtionalized bio-based 3D resins made from renewable biological sources with excellent mechanical properties and print quality.

Our biocompatible  3Dresyns BIO exhibit excellent print speed and do not need any thermal or UV postcuring.

Biocompatible Synthetic 3Dresyns

3Dresyns also offers a broad range of high purity safe biocompatible synthetic 3D resins specifically designed for the manufacturing of medical devices (Class I, IIa & IIb of ISO13485:2016).

Our Synthetic 3Dresyns are functionalized (non toxic) pure synthetic based biocompatible 3D resins (oligomers and monomers) with superior mechanical properties and print quality.

Please contact us to consult about our biocompatible synthetic and bio-based 3Dresyns and your specific performance goals at: