The key to the success of 3Dresyns is that I have been able to combine being the inventor, the director, and the owner of the company. If I had been the inventor but not the director, or the director but not the owner, or the owner but not the inventor, nor the director, I would not have been able to create, nor produce, nor trade globally the unique and extensive 3Dresyns portfolio of products and technologies, since the chance of success is limited when success depends on different people. The learning lesson is “the smaller the team the better the performance”: “too many cooks spoil the broth”. 

Dr. Juan Segurola, founder, CTO & CEO of Resyner Technologies "3Dresyns"  

The history of 3Dresyns is an example of how with a small focused and motivated team it is possible to develop avant-garde innovative projects.

Juan Segurola, through Resyner Technologies SL and its trademark 3Dresyns, has placed its private scientific research and development company among the world's elite.

The 3Dresyns team is committed to develop an environmentally friendly and  suistanable science and to the commercialization of innovative products and technologies with a long-term eco vision.

The social dimension of Resyner Technologies SL and 3Dresyns is based on the development of functional and eco-sustainable technologies at the service of mankind, providing tangible benefits for society and the environment. The transformation of science, technology and production is necessary for the short, medium and long-term sustainability of the planet.

3Dresyns commitment is ambitious and with a long-term vision, since the company's disruptive bio-based, biodegradable and functional 3D resin products and developments are at the frontier of state of the art of human knowledge.

The innovations and achievements developed by Resyner Technologies S.L. and traded by 3Dresyns combine ambition and dedication, without any politics nor unhealthy competition,  keys that have allowed 3Dresyns to become the most innovative company in the development of safe and multifunctional photopolymer "3D resins" for high performance 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

The result of 30 years of the founder´s industrial research has been completed with Resyner Technologies "3Dresyns", being considered the most disruptive 3D resin company, capable of developing and marketing high quality biocompatible and multifunctional 3D resins for 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Since its launch in 2017, 3Dresyns is continuously expanding its 3D resin portfolio and technologies, growing from start up to scale up driven by a healthy, creative and innovative ambition, for the benefit of its customers and society.