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3D-ADD IJ-STD Bio, Biocompatible Surface Tension Decreaser for photopolymer Inkjet printing resins

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3D-ADD IJ-STD Bio is our biocompatible Surface Tension Decreaser for decreasing the surface tension of photopolymer Inkjet printing resins
Its recommended dosage is 0.1% or higher for decreasing the Surface Tension of our photopolymer Inkjet printing resins. It is safe, biocompatible and does not affect the clarity nor the color of our Inkjet 3D resins.

Features & Benefits:

  • clear liquid surface tension decreaser additive for increasing the wetting of resins
  • ultra safe and biocompatible without any safety or risk pictograms
  • excellent reduction of surface tension with very low additions
  • up to several dynes/cm units of Surface tension can be decreased with 0.1% by weight additions
  • excellent compatibility and stability with Inkjet 3D resins 

It is supplied as a kit, which contains the product, one graduated beaker and one empty 250 mL black bottle to measure, mix, keep and protect the 3D resins from daylight. Please do not expose any 3D resins to natural or room light to prevent their curing.