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3D-ADD MHC Magnet Holder Concentrate, additive to promote magnet properties

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 3D-ADD Magnet Holder Concentrate has these features and benefits:

    • natural bio magnet holder concentrate which can be added to any 3Dresyn to promote their atraction and sticking to magnets, providing good holding to magnetic materials
    • ultra active magnet holder concentrate containing a highly load of magnetic holder active ingredients
    • ultra safe non hazardous, unlabelled, hazards and risk free material 
    • high content of natural bio-based products
    • free flowing paste / slurry
    • compatible with most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resins
    • organo-tin free

      It is supplied as a kit, which contains the product, one graduated beaker and one empty 250 mL black bottle to measure, mix, keep and protect the 3D resins from daylight. Please do not expose any 3D resins to natural or room light to prevent their curing.