These fast and accurate Instructions for Use "IFU" can be used for printing our SLS powders with most SLS printers: 

SLS 3D Printing process

1. Calibration

  •  calibrate 3Dresyns SLS powder in your SLS printer by printing 3Dtest1, 3Dresyns flat coin, for fast optimisation of the resolution and printing settings
  • each SLS printer will require different printing settings, printing times, etc depending on the composition and specifications of the chosen SLS powder and printer
  • slice the 3Dtest1 file into layers with the standard printing settings of your closest equivalent SLS powder
  • sends the instructions (sliced STL file) to the printer 

2. Printer setup

  • printer setup varies and depends on each SLS printer system

3. SLS printing

  • follow the manual and IFU for the equivalent SLS powder material of your SLS printer manufacturer before printing

4. Post processing

  • After printing wait until the build chamber cools down before post-processing to prevent  warping of prints. 
  • remove the prints from the build chamber
  • clean prints: remove manually excess powder. This process is typically completed manually and with compressed air
  • smooth grainy prints if needed with Cleaning Fluid WS1 for cleaning and smoothing prints
  • recycle the excess unfused powder by filtration and re-use it by mixing it with fresh SLS powder for next print jobs