Do you need help to formulate Specialty systems?

Resyner offers formulation consultancy on a wide range of UV / EB / WB / SB Specialty systems

Specialty system portfolio offered by 3Dresyns consulting services:

  • Specialty consulting for:
    • UV coatings with non odour and very low extractables
    • UV coatings with good scratch and abrasion resistance
    • UV coatings with long term resistance in boiling water
    • UV rigid coatings with water and corrosion resistance
    • UV flexible coatings with water, thermal and electrical resistance
    • UV coatings with good thermal resistance
    • UV coatings with good tea and coffee resistance
    • UV coatings with high Tg
    • UV & EB coatings for exterior durability
    • UV & EB indirect and direct food contact inks & OPV´s
    • Water based (WB) resin formulation consulting for Graphic Arts, including  water based flexo inks and UV water based inks and coatings
    • Formulation consulting for solvent based (SB), water based and UV specialty applications, such as pre & post metallisation coatings, primers and lacquers for beer & giftwrap labels, food wrappers, tobacco innerliners
    • etc.