3Dresyns ordering process in fast & easy steps:

  • For online ordering, or for getting a quote, create a customer account with all the info that needs to appear on your invoice:
    • After placing orders invoices cannot be modified
    • Ensure that both the shipping and fiscal addresses are correct
    • For non European Union buyers prices are VAT free and are Delivered At Place (DAP) outside the European Union
    • European companies with valid intrastat VAT can request for VAT exemption by email at: info@3Dresyns.com only before ordering
      • European customers (not from Spain since we are located in Spain) representing registered companies with VAT validated in VIES can request for VAT tax exemption for their online orders. Then, their 3Dresyns accounts will be allowed for online ordering without taxes. Ensure that you request for VAT exemption (if entitled) before online ordering since VAT refunding cannot be applied afterwards for orders placed online despite having a valid intrastat VAT
  • If you do not know which resin to do you need, explore our whole multifunctional 3Dresyns portfolio, search and find our products among our infinite 3D resins options, additives and auxiliaries, choose them by performance, by property, by application, by printing technology, or by keywords: SEARCH
  • If you have time explore around 500 3D resyns: All 3Dresyns products and over 100 collections: Collections
    • Select your chosen SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resin, additives, or auxiliaries
      • Inkjet and other resins for specific printing technologies have some restrictions and differences of the offered multifuntional menu  
    • Some 3Dresyns have been intentionally designed with high viscosity to maximise their mechanical strength and safety. Relatively high viscosity 3D resins  can be ordered with relatively lower or higher viscosity:
      • HV stands for relatively Higher Viscosity versions for increased mechanical properties and biocompatibility, but higher peeling force (adhesion on the FEP or PDMS). HV versions are ideal for printers having heating systems for printing at >25ºC
      • LV stands for relatively Lower Viscosity versions for decreased peeling force, but relatively lower mechanical properties and biocompatibility
      • LV versions have lower viscosity than HV versions but are still relatively viscous resins. LV versions can normally be printed without any heating systems, presuming the room temperature is at least at 20-25ºC
      • Discover the benefits of printing with heated printers since for a small investment of 50 Euro a heating unit can be easily installed by yourself in your existing printer 
    • Select your printer type and specify your printer model:
      • Among multicolor LCD (old LCD technology), monochrome LCD (new LCD technology), DLP, laser, and any other printers working with light from 200 to 410 nm
      • Some products will not have this specific menu
    • Select a relative fast, intermediate or slow printing speed versions:
      • F stands for a relatively Fast printing speed but slightly lower resolution, dimensional accuracy, biocompatibility, and slightly higher yellowing
      • I stands for a relatively Intermediate printing speed and overall properties (midpoint)
      • S stands for a relatively Slow printing speed, improved resolution, dimensional accuracy, biocompatibility, and lower yellowing 
      • most 3D resins print with exposure times between 2 and 20 seconds for z layers between 50 and 100 microns
      • depending on each specific resin, printer power, and chosen z layer thickness different exposure times are required for printing: our fast & easy Instructions For Use IFU will help you to get the best printing settings in your printer 

    Optional multifunctional choices

    • Some products will give you the option of selecting some fields, such as color or multifunctionality online. 3Dresyns will add your chosen color and functionalities to your ready to print 3D resin:
    • Optional colors: Add any color among thousands of 3Dresyns colors
    • Optional functionalities: Add up to 4 functional additives among around 50 functional additives
    • Your chosen color and functional additives will be added-in to your ready to print 3D resin!

    Optional Curing Rate rable 

    • The curing rate table is ideal for fast & easy finding the optimum printing settings in most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers working with a 405 nm light wavelength. The curing rate table at 405 nm can be optionally ordered online for 40 Euro for each ordered 3Dresyn
    • Light power matching "synchronisation". For getting exact curing rate values we recommend you ordering the same light meter as ours, the Chitu Systems Digital UV Light Meter. 3Dresyns has chosen this model due to its affordability and realibility since its spectral range of 402-407 nm coincides with most printers light wavelength (405 nm)
    • The ordered curing rate table can be much more accurately measured after sharing your exact printer power since this will permit the 3Dresyns team to measure the curing rate table of your ordered 3D resins with the same power as yours since we will match your light power (light power matching) for fast & accurate finding your optimum printing settings: Fast and accurate Instructions for Use "IFU" for DLP & LCD printers

    Alternatively, Instructions for Use IFU are available for custom measuring the Curing Rate Table selecting the best printing settings of our resins in your specific printer. After placing your order request our IFU and calibration files by email to: info@3dresyns.com

          About packaging

          Orders of several units of the same products will be automatically grouped and bottled in bigger bottles or jerrycans, unless the Company and the Recipient agree and negotiate beforehand the reselling of the products with the original labels in the original bottle sizes shown on the Company´s website. In these cases, pricing, discounts, packaging, and terms & conditions will need to be negotiated offline B2B.