Do you need help to synthesise high quality resins for specialty papers & nonwovens?

Resyner consulting services for custom resin design can enhance water-borne coatings properties for a wide range of applications including specialty papers and nonwovens.

We design custom acrylic emulsions to provide flexibility, rigidity, durability, hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, chemical resistance, and other properties depending on your application needs, including non-wovens, filters, abrasives, and decorative papers. Our custom resins can deliver multifunctional properties including water and oil resistance, toughness, environmental and food contact compliance.

Our acrylic resins are needed for many custom formulated resin systems requiring a balance of physical, chemical, and processing properties. For composites, our resins provide tensile strength, durability, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, durability, etc.

Discover our water-based resins for  specialty papers & nonwovens covered in our polymerization/synthesis consulting services:

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