COVID-19 Emergency

3Dresyns is the brand name of Resyner Technologies S.L., a 3 year old start up featured by being a single ownership business. As sole proprietorship of this business I commited myself to donate (without any profit at cost price) when justified biocompatible 3D resins to produce respirator parts and other needed parts for hospitals use, as well as antiseptic cleaners and cleansing additives which are available online for its distribution Worldwide.

We are selectively customising and donating  functional biocompatible 3D resins for printing respirator parts and turbines for hospital use in collaboration with the Phibo Group, Centro médico Teknon and the COVIDA-19 project as well as with different organisations Worldwide.



Press releases of our activities to fight against CORONA-19:




A selection of  products have been designed for Emergency Printing "EP" of respirator use parts, masks, etc, which are available during this emergency situation with a 70 % discount. They can be supplied even with a higher discount (up to  recovery cost) to people and organisations who can justify lack of resources and intend to collaborate for free with the supply of hospital use parts.

We are also collaborating with the Fundacion RiojaSalud (Centro de Investigacion Biomedica de la Rioja CIBIR) to produce thousands of Nasopharyngeal swabs for PCR testing and detecting the COVID-19 virus.



Selected 3D resins and antiseptic and cleansing additives for Emergency printing:

  • 3Dresyn EP1 TD80 Black or Cyan has these features and benefits:
    • Tough, semi rigid with certain minor flexibility at thin thickness to avoid breaking of crucial respirator parts
    • ideal for printing rigid masks and NP swabs
    • ideal for printing tough and rigid and semi rigid  parts for hospital use
    • semi rigid at low thickness <2-3 mm: for semi rigid thin respirator parts
    • rigid at high thickness, >2-3 mm: for rigid respirator parts
    • 3Dresyn EP2 TFD80 Black or Cyan has these features and benefits:
      • Tough (non brittle) with some flexibility and foldability without breaking
      • ideal for printing foldable and semi rigid masks
      • ideal for printing tough and foldable parts for hospital use
      • semi flexible: good fitting to different face shapes
    • 3Dresyn EP3 TFD30 Black has these features and benefits:
      • Tough (non brittle), flexible & foldable without breaking
      • ideal for printing flexible & foldable and flexible masks
      • ideal for printing flexible parts hospital use
      • flexible: excellent fitting to different face shapes
    • 3Dresyn EP4 RTD90 has these features and benefits:

      • Rigid & Tough, rigid with excellent heat resistance to avoid deformation of respirator turbines, fans, blades, etc..
      • supplied in two colors: black and cyan
      • Ultra Safe

    If really justified request us by email to am additional discount code to be entitled to this non profit (just cost recovery) supply offering

    Our goal is to support society Worldwide in this difficult pandemic situation to those lacking economical resources and access to disifectants due to confinement and 3D resins for printing hospital use parts.


    Signed by


    Dr. Juan Segurola

    Founder & Owner

    Resyner Technologies "3Dresyns"