Until recently, access to 3D printing of functional materials was not affordable nor easy for amateur and professional printer users.

Thanks to the decrease of printer prices and to the development of safe functional 3D resins, safe in-house printing of high performance functional materials has become a reality. 

Discover countless amazing materials and finishings, 3D printed with our 3D resins, made to order for most printing technologies, with even affordable 3D printers with prices from even 100 Euro upwards. 

By following our comprehensive INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE IFU, and our Fast and accurate Instructions for Use "IFU" for DLP & LCD printers, beginners to stereolithography can print "fast & easy" their own designs and materials with our unique and diverse 3D resin portfolio with most open mode and even closed  mode 3D printer types and models. 

If you are a professional discover our amazing multifunctional 3D resins for SLA, DLP, LCD, and other printer technologies.

Discover our selection of pictures of our 3D printed resins by our passionate customers:

You can also print similar fantastic materials in-house with a minimum investment!

"any resin, any property, any color, any finish, for any application and printer"