Are not you tired of printing "me too cheaper" fragile eggshell-like materials? 

It is time for a change! Order our Functional 3Dresyns with similar and even better properties than the best engineering plastics (Pictures and videos of 3D printed resins)

Are not you tired of fighting with the printer for printing 3D resins? 

It is time for a change! Order the Curing Rate Table CRT of each ordered 3D resin cured with a similar light power to your printer light power to hrelp you find the optimum printing settings. For more info read: Instructions for Use "IFU"

Features & Benefits of 3Dresyns:

3Dresyns is the supplier of Stereolithography "SLA" 3D resins with the widest range of materials, properties, colors and applications in the market, made to order and printable with most SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet printers (and other printing technologies), are made to order to your specifications and delivered to most countries in less than 3-5 days, providing unique and significant Advantages and Benefits for you, such as:

Questions (Q) and Answers (A):

Q1: do you supply 3D resins for hobbyists or only for professionals?

A1: Yes, we supply to both made to order 3Dresyns

Q2: Do you offer discounts?

A2: We offer discounts of up to 30% or higher for big bulk orders

Q3: Do you deliver your 3D resins to my country?

A3: We deliver our products to any country with average Worldwide lead times of 3-5 days

Q4: Do you sell value for money resins for prototyping and modelling?

A4: Yes, we supply cost effective 3D resins such as 3Dresyn CD at 60 Euro/L for modelling as well as several 3Dresyns Packs & Kits, special offers

Q5: Are your 3D resins compatible with my printer?

A5: Yes, please read more about our 3Dresyns compatibility with most SLA, DLP, LCD printers

Q6: How can I know which resin to choose among so many commercial resins on your website?

A6: Read our Guidelines to select the right resin for your needs. You can also search and find your product by property and/or application keywords: SEARCH or by Collections or by application, technology or service: scrolling down in the side bar menu on the left

    Q7: What are the resin printing parameters on my printer?

    A7: Detailed printing instructions will be sent upon request after ordering

    Q8: How do I process orders?

    A8: Please follow this ordering process

    Q9: Can products be custom made to my specs?

    A9: Yes, learn more about our customisation services

    Q10: Can I adjust by myself the 3D resin printing speed and resolution?

    A10: Yes with our photoaccelerants and our resolutioners 

    Q11: Is it possible to modify the properties and functionality of 3D resins?

    A11: Yes, with our around 50 functional additives and around 20 functional modifiers

    Q12: Do you offer technical support services?

    A12:Yes, with our consulting services

    Q13: Do you develop bespoke products?

    A13: Yes, we offer customisation services

      Q14: Can you recommend me a printer for my needs?

      A14: We can consult and recommend you the right printer setup for your needs

      Q15: Do you charge VAT?

      A15: We sell VAT free for non european customers and for european customers with valid intrastat VATs for offline orders. Online orders in Europe will include your local vat unless you request us VAT exempt online ordering.

      For more info contact us by email at:

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      • 100% of received emails are answered in less than 24 hours