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3D resins for direct printing of Orthodontic Aligners

Discover our SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resins (patent pending) for direct printing of aligners.

Enjoy watching the following videos, recorded by our Orthodontics customers, of aligners printed with our 3D resins with low cost LCD printers with prices ranging from 200 Euro upwards. Incredible but true! In less than 2-3 hours from scanning to printing the first set of aligners!

Direct printing of orthodontic aligners with our 3Dresins in affordable SLA DLP & LCD printers:

  • ideal for direct printing of tooth movement aligners without damaging the periodontal ligament
  • fast and easy printing and production of durable aligners with different thickness, in the same aligner, for optimum tooth movement control, with cost effective SLA, DLP & LCD printers
  • ready to use without tuning with fast printing speed and maximum resolution with most SLA, DLP & LCD printers
  • environmentally friendly, biodegradable 3D bio resins "bioplastics"
  • ideal to avoid printing non environmentally friendly models and the time consuming thermoforming  and cutting off of disks
  • printing at room temperature but also at medium and high printing temperature: 50ºC for improved performance: higher aligner durability
  • availability of 3 versions for printers working at relatively low, medium and high temperature:
    • 3Dresyn OD Clear TF LTP printable with affordable SLA DLP & LCD printers at low room temperature: 20ºC. It has incredible mechanical resistance and very low stress relaxation during its usage
    • 3Dresyn OD Clear TF RTP printable with affordable SLA DLP & LCD printers working at 25-30ºC. RTP is even tougher grade than LTP
    • 3Dresyn OD Clear TF HTP printable with affordable heated SLA DLP & LCD printers at 40-50ºC temperature. The toughest grade.
  • each LTP, RTP and HTP version is available in two versions: rigid and flexible for maximum control of teeth movement at different aligners thicknesses between 0.5-1.2 mm to prevent damaging the periodontal ligament
  • rigid versions are more sensitive to yellowing when over heated to >60ºC or over exposed to too intense light for excessive time
  • aligners printed and processed as per ours instructions do not become hazy nor whitish as most competitor´s resins. Read our Instructions or Use IFU


  • start printing aligners with 3Dresyn OD Clear TF LTP Rigid version since this version is the best for printing thin aligners at 0.6-0.8 mm with affordable SLA DLP & LCD printers at 20ºC.
  • any LCD printer, even the low cost ones with prices of 100-200 Euro can be used for printing our resins with excellent resolution of c. 20 microns
  • follow our printing and postprocessing instructions IFU literally for 100% clarity & transparency (without any stickiness, haziness, yellowing or whitish finishing)
    • print aligners in any SLA, DLP and/or LCD printer following our printing instructions. Even low cost LCD printers, such as the Anycubic Mono at <200 Euro, can print aligners with 20 microns resolution
    • typical printing settings for most printers: 2-4 adhesion layers of 80 seconds, std layers of 15-20 seconds, z layers of 50-100 microns (optimum: use 100 microns z layers for faster printing speed of circa 90 minutes vs circa 150 minutes needed with 50 microns z layers)
    • after printing cut the supports and eliminate the uncured resin by gravity from the surface of the aligner in the upside down position in an oven heated at 55-60ºC for 30 minutes (overheating >60ºC may cause yellowing)
    • postcure the dry prints in a low cost 100 Euro light box such as Anycubic Wash & Cure for 30 minutes at room temperature. Avoid overheating and ensure that the aligners are kept at T<50ºC during postcuring 
    • clean parts by spraying IPA using a spray bottle to ensure that clean IPA is always used (contaminated or dirty IPA can cause haziness)
  • if the mentioned recommendations are followed "literally", without playing or messing around, aligners with excellent mechanical and surface quality, clarity and light fastness will be succesfully made in less than 3 hours!!! Unbelievable but True!!!!

Our aligners technology has been reviewed in this article about direct printing of aligners

Example of aligner printed at 100 microns z layers in less than 2 hours in a low cost, below 300 Euro, monochrome LCD printer

Have a look at the following videos, recorded by our Orthodontics customers, of aligners printed with low cost LCD printers, with our 3Dresyn OD Clear TF LTP

Discover how to design a direct aligner easily and fast in Meshmixer

  • by overlapping the same aligner design at several thicknesses and by cutting certain volumes for thinning aligners in certain chosen parts for optimum control of tooth movement

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