Overall Features & Benefits of our biocompatible 3Dresyns

  • 3Dresyns Biorigid, Biotough, and Bioflex grades meet the highest safety and biocompatibility standards without sacrificing mechanical performance
  • Biorigid grades are ultra rigid, have high heat deflection temperature >140ºC, and are ideal for printing functional rigid and high HDT engineering and biomedical materials
  • Biotough grades are ultra tough, reaching 110-130 MPa in flexural strength, and are ideal for printing functional tough engineering and biomedical materials with HDTs from >120ºC to room temperature
  • Bioflex grades have been designed for printing functional flexible biomedical applications with superior mechanical properties
    • Bioflex MB grades exhibit slightly superior mechanical performance, such as superior tensile and flexural strength, tear and folding endurance than than their Bioflex MF counterparts
    • Bioflex MB 3Dresyns contain monomers, which cause eye and skin irritation and allergy, risks and hazards which can be fully eliminated with the right postcuring and cleaning protocols to ensure their maximum biocompatibility of prints
    • Bioflex MF are ultra safe, since do not contain any monomers. and meet the highest safety and biocompatibility standards
    • Bioflex MF grades are recommended for printing functional biomedical applications, where biocompatibility and safety of the resin is more important than the mechanical properties
  • Bioelastic 3Dresyn O50 MB is our elastic monomer based 3D resin with Shore O50