The need of faster biodegradation 3D printing materials is growing significantly due to obvious environmental concerns. The oceans are full of plastics which are killing nature and are affecting the future of our planet. Micro plastics are being absorbed and bioaccumulated in our bodies through the food that we daily eat. 

It is time to dedicate resources to environmentally friendly materials and eco projects. Discover our: Low cost eco friendly bio based 3D resins

Our SLA DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D materials can be custom designed to  biodegrade much faster than conventional synthetic plastics, which take thousands of years to fully decompose, since they can be designed with high bio content from renewable sources.


The basic components of our bio based 3Dresyns are “green” and are mainly based on natural biological derivatives, which are synthetically functionalized to react with light.

Our bio based 3D materials can be custom designed to meet a broad range of physical properties, from ultra hard and tough (non-brittle) to flexible and elastic grades. 

Our bio based 3Dresyns are mainly synthetically funtionalized bio-based 3D resins made from renewable source which can be designed to meet specific mechanical properties and print quality in the SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet printer of your choice.

Contact us to consult about our customisation services for designing biodegradable, bio-based and/or synthetic, 3Dresyns and your specific performance goals at: