3D inkjet resins for engineering and medical applications

The 3Dresyns team  has the experticise to custom design biocompatible 3D inkjet resins (multi jet and poly jet) and support materials (both wax and water soluble/jettable) with these features and benefits:

    • excellent mechanical properties with tensile strength up to 70 mPas or higher
    • excellent printability on 3D inkjet printers
    • engineering, biomedical and elastic grades
    • "monomer free" biocompatible supports and functional materials with no pictograms
    • biocompatible wax and water soluble/ jettable supports with different rigidities to ensure good printability of complex materials
    • tough, soft and elastic grades
    • elongation <1-10% and up to 100%
    • durable
    • very high resolution 
    • very low shrinkage
    • printable by most commercial and professional  3D inkjet printers
    • organo-tin free


Please contact us to consult about our inkjet 3Dresyns and your specific performance goals at: