Do you need help to synthesise and formulate high quality resins for specialty solvent based resin systems for specialty paints, inks & coatings such as beer labels? or for other specialty solvent based paints, inks and coatings?
Resyner offers synthesis consultancy on a wide range of solvent based specialty paints, inks and coatings applications, including pre & post metallisation acrylic resins for high vacuum metallised coatings, primers and lacquers for beer & giftwrap labels, food wrappers, etc.
The custom sinthesis of resins covered in our consulting services deliver high performance properties to solvent based resin systems. The diverse technologies  in our portfolio allow manufacturers to synthesise and  formulate their own materials.
Resyner custom resin consulting includes a wide latitude of performance properties to optimize your products, such as hardness, adhesion, water and rub resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance, hardness and outdoor durability.

Synthesis consulting offering for solvent based resins:

  • high solid hydroxylated acrylic resins for 2 component polyurethane coating systems with yellowing and weather resistance for plastics and metals
  • high solid thermoplastic acrylic resins for paints and coatings
  • high solid alkyd resins for wood, decorative and industrial clear and colored finishes
  • solid bead "pearl" acrylic resins, similar to the Elvacite pearls range
Contact us to consult about our customisation services and your specific performance goals at: