Standard settings for printing most of of our 3D resins in most SLA, DLP & LCD printers:

  • Z layers of 50-100 microns (or 10-200 microns)
    • the lower the Z layer the higher the resolution 
  • Exposure times are between 1-10 seconds for the fastest resins and 10-20 seconds for the slowest resins 
    • Depending on the power of your printer, the optimum exposure times will increase or decrease for certain Z layer thickness
    • Selection of the optimum exposure times is easy with our printing instructions*
  • Typically, 2-3 adhesion or bottom layers at 70-80 seconds are enough for having good cure and adhesion on the build platform for most resins
  • Light off delay: 2 seconds
  • Lift distance: 10 mm
  • Lift Speed: medium value of the scale
  • Retract speed: medium value of the scale

Instructions For Use IFU

  • Our fast & easy 3D printing instructions are ideal for selecting in just few steps the optimum printing settings in your printer
  • Our  calibration stl files (including the coin shown above) are available for fast & easy selection of the printing settings in your existing printer, before printing your own designs. 

Basic tools needed for calibration:

Cleaning of prints:

*Note: After placing your orders request our more detailed Instructions for Use "IFU" for your specific SLA, DLP & LCD printer type: