3Dresyns sells online made to order multifunctional 3D resins which permit multifunctionalization with over several thousand colors and up to 4 functional additives, among around 50 functional additive choices, which can be added online for custom design of over 10 billion ready to use 3D resins.

3Dresyns multifunctional offering is based on multivariate / multivariable, multiresponse, predictive, interpolative / extrapolative, and corrective artificial Intelligence AI algorithmic systems, which are ideal for designing online proof of concept and multifunctional products.

3Dresyns Quality Control
3Dresyns performs appropriate quality controls to ensure that each lot is produced according to the specifications of the manufacturing recipe of each product reference.

The main quality control is measuring the kinetics of each made to order 3D resin by filling up the curing rate table or curing fingerprint at certain light power (eg 1-8 mW/cm2) and wavelength (405 nm) at different exposure times (eg 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, and 100 seconds). The curing rate table represents the curing fingerprint of the made to order 3D resin at certain printing specifications. Cured thickness versus time is recorded for each lot in quality control.

Samples of each made to order lot are retained for at least 1 year for quality control of shelf life, and other properties, such as the kinetics of the made to order 3D resin (the curing rate table as already described). Retained samples help to evaluate any quality claims that may arise such as printability in different printing scenarios since each printer has different light power, which unfortunately naturally decays upon use. For more info read:

Optional ordering of the curing rate table

The curing rate table provides the thickness of the chosen 3D resin cured at a light power similar to the chosen DLP/LCD printer during ordering. 3Dresyns curing rate table of the ordered 3D resin is measured by curing the resin with a 405 nm light wavelength at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, and 100 seconds. The thickness of the cured resin at the mentioned times is used for filling up the curing rate table.

Light power matching "synchronisation"

For getting exact curing rate values we recommend you ordering the same light meter as ours, the Chitu Systems Digital UV Light Meter. 3Dresyns has chosen this model due to its affordability and realibility since its spectral range of 402-407 nm coincides with most printers light wavelength (405 nm).  

The ordered curing rate table can be much more accurately measured after sharing your exact printer power since this will permit the 3Dresyns team to measure the curing rate table of your ordered 3D resins with the same power as yours since it will permit us to match your light power (light power matching or synchronisation) for fast & accurate finding your optimum printing settings: Fast and accurate Instructions for Use "IFU" for DLP & LCD printers 

"Natural" Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

The kinetic values obtained from the curing rate table are used for feeding our multivariate / multivariable, multiresponse, predictive, interpolative / extrapolative, and corrective artificial Intelligence AI algorithms. The measured curing rate values and other quality control properties are "food" which feed the integration of performance properties, such as the curing or printing fingerprint of each online designed uni and multifunctional 3D resin, with the printer specifications of the customer printers, such as light wavelength and its real "crosschecked" light power.  All this information is processed with our AI algorithms, which correlate 3D resin multivariable design with performance, such as printing profile, and other quality control properties. The output is that under human intelligence control, artificial intelligence is used for improving the quality of 3Dresyns products.