Eco vision

Thinking about “green technologies”. A bio approach to life…

We are focused on the development and marketing of bio-based resins, 3Dresyns BIO, for the SLA DLP & LCD 3D printing market.

Our goal is to reduce the use of synthetic raw materials where technically possible and promote sustainability and eco friendly alternatives.

 When technically feasible we use bio-based and biodegradable ingredients based on “green” technologies and natural sources without sacrificing quality and performance.

The basic components of our bio-based resins are “green” and are based on natural biological derivatives, which are functionalized to react with light.

Most of our synthetic and bio-based resins are organo-tin free and have high purity, very low residuals and low odor. 

Our synthetic and bio-based resins increase the durability of the resin tank (vat) and minimise the damage caused tipically by most commercial 3D resins.

Our resins minimise the attack to the PDMS of the resin tank since do not tend to cause white spots or “veiling” of the PDMS even with failed 3D prints.

Nevertheless, we recommend the usage of a FEP backed adhesive film to increase the durability of the delicate PDMS layer of most commercial resin tanks (vats).