“3Dresyns is an innovative and the first  SLA DLP & LCD 3D resin supplier who gives real solutions to existing unmet Otoplastics needs by offering a full color palette, a custom color service with thousands of colors and a full range of finishes: from ultra hard to elastic,... for the next generation of Hearing aids"


SLA, DLP & LCD 3Dresyns OTO are resins designed for making durable hearing aid shells, ear molds, hearing protection and special headsets and are available in different durable finishes, from ultra hard and tough to flexible and soft.

Our 3Dresyns OTO can be custom designed for your printer to comply with the Quality requirements for Class I, IIa & IIb of ISO13485:2016 and ISO10993 for the manufacturing of medical devices: hearing aid shells and Otoplastics.

Our 3Dresyn OTO-UHF Bio has been studied recently in this scientific publication: Characterization techniques for evaluation of micro scale vat photopolymerization based additive manufacturing.


  • broad range of physical properties: from ultra hard and tough to soft and flexible grades
  • broad range of basic and special effect colors
  • widest color range in the market, including all existing colors (full color pallette)
  • select your RAL/NCS (full color guide/palette)
  • very high resolution 
  • dimensional stable “non deformable” grades
  • very low shrinkage
  • printable by most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • negligible potential risk of skin irritation of the final hearing aid user, caused usually by residual unreacted agressive monomers, as it might occur with other existing high irritating monomer based commercial products
  • compliant with the Quality requirements for Class I, IIa & IIb of ISO13485:2016 and ISO10993 after customisation
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3Dresyns OTO


Besides this broad range of products with different mechanical properties, we have developed Cocoon resins:

3Dresyn IM-SF Cocoon, non water soluble sacrificial resin, soft-flexible and easy breaking by hand for injection of waxes and silicones

3Dresyn IM-SF MF Bio Cocoon, Monomer Free Biocompatible sacrificial resin, soft-flexible and easy breaking by hand for injection of waxes and silicones

which have been designed to make non durable soft and flexible SF injection molds for injection molding of soft materials, including medical grade soft silicones used in flexible otoplastics and hearing aids.  It provides easy and soft mold breaking without damaging the medical grade soft silicone casts.