The 3Dresyns team has the expertise to custom design water soluble sacrificial 3D printed resins (and support materials)  for temporary / removable / sacrificial 3D printed materials in applications where 3D printed materials need to be sacrified, removed or  eliminated with water or alcohol. Examples of applications:

Plastic Injection molding for manufacturing injected plastics:
  • sacrificial molds for injection temperatures above 110-190ºC for plastic (thermoplastics, conventionally initiated thermoplastics and thermosets, etc) 
    Ceramic  Injection Molding "CIM" for manufacturing Ceramics:
    • sacrificial molds for injection temperatures above 110-190ºC
      Metal Injection Molding "MIM" for manufacturing Metals:
      • sacrificial molds for injection temperatures above 110-190ºC
        Sacrificial Inkjet supports with different hardness and rigidity:
        • water soluble inkjet support 3D resins
          Direct 3D printing of Ceramics and Metals with ultra fast debinding / sintering cycles:
          • soluble 3D printed resins

          Casting pplications in investment molds (eg gypsum molds):

          • water soluble casting resins removable with steam cleaner machines at high steam pressure e.g. 7 bars, to remove / eliminate the casting resin from the investment mold for Jewelry, Dental and other investment casting applications

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            Features & Benefits

            Cost effective production of 3D printed water soluble sacrificial molds for injection molding of intricate complex shaped parts where the mold and the injected material are entangled or intertwined.

            Dissolution process in water in 3-6 hours (dependent on thickness) of 3D printed water soluble resins 

            Our customised soluble 3Dresyns exhibit these features and benefits:

            • ideal for 3D printed molds with intricate complex and entangled designs due to their excellent solubility speed in water
            • excellent printability on professional SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D printers, such as Multijet printers which do not use water soluble supports (also suitable for Polyjet printers when used with non water soluble supports, such meltable supports or soft and easy breakable supports)
            • broad product customisation capabilities: from soft and flexible grades to tough and very rigid grades at high temperature
              • Tg from -10 to >200ºC
              • elongation <1-10% and up to 100%
              • fast solubility in tap water with minimum swelling
              • no microcracking when used as 3D binders for direct printing of ceramics and metals
              • very high resolution 
              • very low shrinkage
              • metal free