Do you need help to formulate UV wood coatings?

Resyner offers formulation consultancy on a wide range of ultraviolet wood coatings.

Wood coatings portfolio offered by 3Dresyns consulting services:

UV wood coatings

  • Fillers and sealers
  • Top coats
    • Roller coater formulations
    • Curtain coater formulations
    • Stain and abrasion resistant formulations
    • Wood veneer formulation
    • UV/EB curable repair coatings
  • Matt finishes
  • Pigmented coatings
  • Tinting of wood
    • EB curing system
      • Base coat
      • Top coat
    • UV curing system
      • First layer
      • Top coat
  • Wood parquet flooring coatings
  • Low viscous, high reactive varnishes
  • Water based formulations
  • Water based spray wood coatings
  • 100% solids sprayable wood coatings
  • Adhesion onto difficult wood

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