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About us, the Team


3Dresyns, the commercial brand of the company Resyner Technologies S.L., is an innovative supplier of functional and biocompatible 3D resins for SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D printing for modelling, prototyping and end use production of functional materials for domestic consumers, professional, industrial and biomedical applications.

The Team has extensive experience and understanding of material science, polymer chemistry, photochemistry, biochemistry and is experienced in synthesis, analysis, design and production of photopolymer systems.

Resyner Technologies S.L., was founded in 2016 to market a new  range of functional and biocompatible photopolymer 3D resins "Bioplastics" for SLA, DLP, LCD and inkjet 3D printing, under the brand name "3Dresyns" to lead this fast evolving 3D printing technology without intermediaries, directly with you and for you!

Dr. Juan Segurola, CEO/CTO

Dr. Juan Segurola has over 28 years of experience in designing and developing innovative technical projects in a broad range of photochemical and photophysical technologies, including specialty lithographic and SLA, DLP, LCD and inkjet 3D printing and similar 2D & 3D resin systems. He is managing the Company with the support of the following key members of the staff and some lab technicians, office and factory staff. 

Key staff members

Ms. Nika Borges, Marketing Manager

Ms. Nika Borges is trained and experienced in market driven management, B to B and digital marketing. She is managing our marketing strategies.

Mr. Jose M. Ibañez, Laboratory Manager

Mr. Jose M. Ibañez is a chemist with over 35 years of experience in formulation of 2D resin systems. He is managing our 2D & 3D Laboratories.

Mr. Alexandre Ricart, Engineering Manager 

Mr. Alexandre Ricart has over 20 years of  experience in Telecommunications Engineering. He is managing our IT & Printing department.

Mr. Mauricio Cordero, Procurement & Logistics Manager 

Mr. Mauricio Cordero has over 30 years of  experience in Logistics. He is managing our Procurement & Logistics department.

Mr Sarik Weber, Digital advisor

Mr Sarik Weber has over 30 years of experience as digital advisor for different companies. He is our advisor for digital sales and marketing.

Mr Joan Perez, Enginering and chemical advisor

Mr Joan Perez is a chemical engineer with over 40 years of experience in formulation and production of 2D resin systems. He is technical advisor of our 2D & 3D Laboratories.

The Team is ready and committed to design and develop new materials for the 3D printing market.

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