"Any colour, any material, any finish and any printing ink and coating, from flexography, letterpress, screen, offset lithography and inkjet printing to different coating systems"

Do you need help to synthesise high quality resins for specialty printing inks and coatings?

    Product lines covered by Resyner synthesis consulting services:

    • Solvent based resin synthesis consulting for specialty solvent based resin systems for specialty deco & industrial paints, graphic arts inks and coatings, such as pre & post metallisation resins for high vacuum metallised coatings, primers and lacquers for beer & giftwrap labels, food wrappers, tobacco innerliners, etc. 
      • Water based emulsion polymerization synthesis consulting for specialty industrial paints & coatings for metal, plastic and wood coatings, Graphic Arts, Non-wovens, Specialty papers, etc.

      We offer this consultancy on a direct one-to-one basis, initially by phone and by email, followed by personal visits to your company when solutions to your problems require a more in-depth or hands-on approach. Our services are designed to take development costs and problems from your business while ensuring the fastest transfer of knowledge.


      What can we do for you?

      Resyner can custom design and develop Business to Business high quality resins for a wide range of Specialty printing inks and coatings applications.

      Contact us to consult about our customisation services and your specific performance goals at: info@3Dresyns.com