3Dresyns is committed to providing and sell online made to order safe and multifunctional 3D resins to comply with the relevant regulations for the intended applications for which they have been designed.

3Dresyns is also committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of its products and services by implementing a reliable non ISO certified QMS.

3Dresyns QMS shares some of the key principles, benefits and "pros" of ISO QMS but it selectively limits and excludes some of its "cons", such as:

  • excessive paperwork
  • excessive rigididy
  • on-site / off-site audits by outsiders which may compromise confidentiality and intellectual property "trade secret" protection

Additionally, the existing ISO family has still a restricted view related to ISO compliance of 3Dresyns Artificial Intelligence AI algorithms related to the predictive design of non previously existing products designed with predictive AI algorithms, as it is the case of 3Dresyns multifunctional 3D resins which permit online multifunctionalization with over several thousand colors and up to 4 functional additives, among around 50 functional additive choices, which can be added online for custom design of up to 10 billion ready to use 3D resins*

3Dresyns multifunctional offering is based on multivariate / multivariable, multiresponse, predictive, interpolative / extrapolative, and corrective artificial Intelligence AI algorithmic systems, which are ideal for designing online proof of concept and functional products.


As an innovative online company providing high quality innovative services and products 3Dresyns cannot find any reason to get ISO certification.

Considering that 3Dresyns is technology, market, and quality driven, ISO certification itself is not going to provide any success rather than the basic benefits of a quality  management system. Despite ISO QMS can empower with a basic understanding of the core processes which should be implemented, maintained, and developed in a well managed company, itself does not teach how these should be implemented, nor helps to gain any market intelligence, nor any positive marketing and technological advantage, such as increased overall innovative and disruptive performance properties and processes vs competitors.

3Dresyns does not need to be certified for improving its processes and documenting their faults and errors while taking corrective and preventive measures to yield in higher quality of the offered services and products.

In practice, 3Dresyns QMS has similar principles to ISO 9001 but decided not to be certified for several reasons, such as reduce paperwok, increase flexibilty, reduce costs, etc.

Reference supportive publications:

3Dresyns Quality Assurance
3Dresyns performs appropriate quality controls to ensure that each lot is produced according to the specifications of the manufacturing recipe of each product reference.  3Dresyns QMS shares and implements similar processes to ISO where processes are continuously improved, tracked and revised to increase the quality of its services and products.

*Note: 3Dresyns is the first chemical company implementing AI algorithms in the predictive design of online multifunctional ordered products