3D printing and additive manufacturing make possible the manufacturing of new designed and spare parts of spacecrafts by developing direct and indirect additive manufacturing of countless multifunctional material compositions and properties, using a finite number of scientifically designed raw materials.

By using automated dispensing systems of a finite selection of raw materials as best representatives of condensed matter, it is possible to manufacture 3D materials by automated additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

In a similar way to the Periodic Table with its around 92 elements which compose the whole matter of the universe, 3Dresyns bases contain a limited number of carefully selected condensed matter raw materials, which through automated dispensing systems, make possible the automated manufacturing of billions of raw materials and finished goods in a very small space with a minimum stock and weight.

3Dresyns manufacturing possibilities are unlimited, since make possible to manufacture not only basic materials, such as polymers, composites, ceramics, and metals, but also more exotic nano, submicron, and micron sized powder and fiber materials with exceptional mechanical properties and functionalities.

3Dresyns range of potential material functionalization capabilities is immense, covering the whole physical-chemical functionalities, such as electro-dissipative, conductive, insulating, magnetic, radio opaque, with ultra low density for designing ultra light materials, etc.

The benefits of 3Dresyns custom designed automated dispensing systems are based on selecting and designing a reduced number of high performance universal bases with a reduced number of raw materials, for covering the widest spectrum of physicochemical properties.

One of the key advantages and benefits is the reduced number of ingredients, weight and volume of the resulting automated dispensing systems, which can be integrated in both, direct and indirect additive manufacturing systems for making materials with specific performance properties. 

Instead of having stocks in the space of spare parts, 3D printers will print spare parts from a selection of raw material feedstocks consisting of carefully designed condensed matter, in liquid and solid form, containing resins, binders, ceramics, metals, polymers, and exotic materials, in powder or fiber form, with the goal of decreasing the overall number of raw materials, weight and volumen of spacecrafts.

Feedstocks will be sent to the space instead of spare parts. Spacecrafts will become self-suistained manufacturing sites of new and spare parts of spacecrafts in the future.

The range of materials which can be directly made by direct and indirect additive manufacturing is endless. From directly and indirectly 3D printed resins and composites filled with ceramics, metals, and exotic materials to confer them unique and specific functionalities, to manufacturing pure sintered ceramics, metals, high performing polymers, and a vast number of exotic materias with unique functionalities and performance properties.

3Dresyns expertise to handle and making simple the complexity is unique because it allows the simplification of the complex diversity of multifunctional properties of manufactured materials by reducing the number of the key ingredients and dispensing bases to enable the manufacture of unique complex multifunctional materials in the simplest way, with the minimum possible number of raw materials, stocks, weight and volume.

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