Do you need help to synthesise high quality resins for specialty graphic arts applications such as tobacco innerliners?

Resyner consulting services for the custom synthesis of acrylic emulsions, colloidal dispersions, and resin solutions, enhance water-borne inks and coatings properties for a wide range of Graphic Arts applications, such as food packaging water based flexo inks and OPV´s for paper, cartonboard and films. 

We can help you to synthesise custom acrylic emulsions, colloidal dispersions, and resin solutions to provide gloss, adhesion to plastics and metals, water and chemical resistance, wet and dry rub resistance, printability, etc.

Our technologies are:

  • VOC´s free (volatile organic compounds)
  • APE free (alkyl phenol ethoxylates)
  • HAPS free (hazardous air pollutants)
  • FDA compliance

 Discover our water-based resins for Graphic Arts covered in our polymerization/synthesis consulting services:

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