Our Two Photon Polymerization 3Dresyns 2PP (also referred as TPP) are ideal for ultrafast nano & micro fabrication of 3D nano & micro structures/materials via 3D laser lithography printing.
Our 3Dresyns 2PP have been designed for direct writing of nano & micro structures, with sub-diffraction/wavelength resolution, at extremely high speeds above 110 mm/s.
Our 3Dresyns 2PP have been designed for feature sizes, smaller than laser wavelengths, as low as 100 nm. Our products can write and print with low and high intensity fs laser pulses (10-250 mW) at the near IR.
Our 3Dresyns 2PP are non toxic "dye free" and are based on a broad range of synthetic and bio-based monomers, oligomers and resin materials, and can be printed by 3D lithography printers at very high resolutions of 100 nm (sub-diffraction/wavelegth limit resolution) for applications such as:
  • microoptics
  • photonics
  • electronics
  • biomedicine,  niomimetics: cell scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • microfluidic devices
  • micro  (opto) electro mechanical systems MEMS, MOEMS
  • metamaterials
  • integrated wafer-level optics
  • rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing
  • maskless lithography
      Our 3Dresyns 2PP do not have the typical issues related to other commercial dye containing 2PP systems; high price, toxicity and solubility limitations.
      Our 3Dresyns 2PP can be directly used to micro-fabricate 2D and 3D patterns with sub-micron resolution of 100 nm with the widest range of physical, chemical and mechanical properties, including durable and non-durable (biodegradable) synthetic and/or bio based biocompatible 3D lithographic systems, including:
      • ultra resistant structures; hard & tough materials
      • flexible, soft and elastic resistant materials
      • chemical or non chemical resistant materials
      • hydrophilic or hydrophobic materials
      • superior adhesion on specific substrates
      • controlled yield value viscosity to avoid spreading
      • compatible and excellent dispersability of nano materials
      • ultra fast scanning speed above 110 mm/s using fs laser power ranges of 10-250 mW at near IR
          Our 3Dresyns 2PP are relatively economical in comparison to existing commercial dye containing alternatives and permit the nano & micro fabrication of extremely high detail intricate 2D and 3D nano & micro structures with sub-diffraction/wavelength lateral spatial resolution of 100 nm.
          Our 3Dresyns 2PP allow the cost effective nano & micro fabrication of photonic materials such as 3D metamaterials, plasmonics and other specialty optical systems.
          Other Two Photon Polymerization 3Dresyns 2PP  can be custom designed to meet specific customer technical requirements.