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About our multivariable and multifunctional 3D resins offering

Our multivariable and multifunctional 3D resins offering requires the usage of product identifiers: SKUs for optimum traceability and ease product identification.

SKU stands for “Stock Keeping Unit” and as the name suggests, it is a number that it is assigned to identify and keep track of a distinct type of item for sale, such as a product or service, and all attributes or functionalities associated with the item type that distinguish it from other item types. For a product, these attributes can include manufacturer, description, material, size, color, functionality, packaging, printer type etc.

Our 3Dresyns SKUs follow this basic descriptor scheme:

Final SKU: Basic SKU (P+ product number among over 2300)  + letter & numbers where:

  • P stands for basic Product reference among around 2500 references
  • V+ number stands for the specific resin version
  • F stands for Fast version for fast printing speed but lower biocompatibility
  • I stands for Intermediate version for intermediate printing speed and overall properties
  • S stands for Slow version for slow printing speed, improved resolution, ligh fastness and biocompatibility 
  • HV stands for High Viscosity for higher mechanical properties and biocompatibility but higher vat adhesion specially <25ºC
  • LV stands for Low Viscosity for lower vat adhesion but lower mechanical properties and biocompatibility
  • LCD stands for version for LCD printers
  • MLCD stands for version for Monochrome LCD printers
  • DLP stands for version for DLP printers
  • Laser SLA stands for version for Laser SLA printers
  • IJ stands for version for Inkjet printers
  • Color SubSKU´s + short names of colors which can be custom added online
  • Functionality SubSKU´s + short names of up to 4 functionalities which can be custom added online

Our SKU calculating system is ideal for multivariable and multifunctional product identification since uses descriptors or identifiers for identifying your exact product version. SKUs will be written on the label of each ordered bottle and on your invoice for online orders..

We have already over 2300 Basic SKUs of our basic product references which can be converted automatically to up to 10 billion final SKUs by adding different levels of functionality online.

Our multifunctional offering is based on a multivariable and multiresponse predictive interpolative algorithmic system, which is ideal for designing online proof of concept and functional products. In order to design final customised functional materials is highly recommended that our 3D consulting and training services and 3D resins customisation services are contracted. 

About Lot numbers?

Our lot numbers are also quite useful for product identification and tracking, since if ordered product has assigned an automatic Lot number. which is calculated as follows:

Lot number: Invoice number + one number eg 1,2,3..

  • number 1 for the first ordered product of the same order
  • number 2 for the second ordered product of the same order
  • number 3 for the third ordered product of the same order
  • etc.

The Lot numbers will be written on the label of each ordered bottle and in your invoice. You can always write a note and request in your next orders "same specs as previously ordered lot number x" to ensure that your ordered product specifications are the same for different orders.

About our Expiration dates

The expiration dates of most of our products are also automatically calculated and reported with this basic principle:

  • Expiration date: Invoice or order date + 1 year

The expiration date will be written on the label of each ordered bottle and in your invoice

Certificate of Conformance

For each order you can request a Certificate of Conformance which will indicate that your ordered 3Dresyns have been manufactured following Resyner Technologies quality control procedures and standards.