The injection of Powder Injection Molding PIM binder slurries (including ceramic, metal, polymer (such as polyimide) and exotic material feedstocks) in 3D printed durable, and/or sacrificial molds (or printed by high temperature powder jetting) has unique benefits in comparison to direct printing of highly loaded 3D photopolymer resins with powders, to say:

  • full range of powder slurries can be injected using PIM feedstocks in 3D printed molds with low cost printers
  • higher sintering density, lower microporosity vs powder Selective Laser Sintering SLS and direct printing by SLA or jetting of 3D resins highly loaded with powders 
  • less productive limitations, much faster and ecological debinding without solvents, with water for faster debinding and sintering times without limitation of thickness vs. ceramic and metal printing by SLA and jetting
  • increased isotropy vs powder Selective Laser Sintering SLS and direct printing of highly loaded resins with powders, such as ceramics and metals by SLA and jetting 
  • lower costs since our soluble 3D resins allow the printing of sacrificial or durable molds with affordable SLA, DLP and LCD printers with prices ranging from 200 to 2000 Euros and with traditional  injection molding machines and traditional powder feedstocks

    Our powder slurries contain eco friendly binders and can be injected in 3D printed molds made with our durable and/or sacrifical 3D resins, and can also be custom designed for direct printing systems such as jetting at high temperature:

    • excellent dispersion and injection flow of micron and submicron powders with additions up to 65% volumen concentrations
    • very high resolution
    • high quality 
    • controlled and reproducible process shrinkage
    • minimum expansion coefficient and wide temperature interval of debinding to prevent micro-fractures
    • very high resolution of 20 microns of final products
    • environmentally friendly materials and debinding
    • partially water soluble for microcraking prevention

    Discover our ready to inject, debind, and sinter:

    Powder slurries can be supplied as solids at room temperature in metal cartridges of 25 mm external diameter for direct injection in low cost manual injection machines such as this type of manual injection equipment:

    3Dresyns powder slurrries use combinations of eco friendly solid binders at room temperature, which become liquids with excellent flow at injection temperature. They are partially water soluble to facilitate de debinding in water, by creating micropores for defect free debinding, followed by thermal debinding (two step debinding) and sintering . The insoluble binder portion helps to retain the shape during the whole debinding process.

    We can custom design and supply powder slurrries of polymers, such as polyimide, and hundreds of exotic nanomaterials.

    Discover our ready to inject, debind, and sinter:

    Do you want to produce 3D materials based on nano and micronized "exotic" materials? including nanopowders, nanoparticles, nanofibers, micron / micronized powders, microfibers, etc? with specific shapes and sizes to meet your specifications? We can custom design and make them ready to inject in cartridges.

    Discover our porfolio of nano and micron materials which can be supplied as "solids slurries" in cartridges ready to inject with economical manual injection equipment.