3D resins for printing plates

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
3Dresyn PP TD90 Tough & Rigid D903Dresyn PP TD90 Tough & Rigid D90
Sale price€190.00
3Dresyn PP TD90 Tough & Rigid D90
3Dresyn PP TD80 Tough D803Dresyn PP TD80 Tough D80
Sale price€190.00
3Dresyn PP TD80 Tough D80
3Dresyn PP TFD80 tough & foldable D803Dresyn PP TFD80 tough & foldable D80
3Dresyn PP TFD70 tough & foldable D703Dresyn PP TFD70 tough & foldable D70
3Dresyn PP TFD30 tough & foldable D303Dresyn PP TFD30 tough & foldable D30
3Dresyn PP TFA70 tough & foldable A703Dresyn PP TFA70 tough & foldable A70
3Dresyn PP TFA60 Tough & Foldable A603Dresyn PP TFA60 Tough & Foldable A60
3Dresyn PP FA50 Flexible A503Dresyn PP FA50 Flexible A50
Sale price€190.00
3Dresyn PP FA50 Flexible A50
3Dresyn PP FA40 Flexible A403Dresyn PP FA40 Flexible A40
Sale price€190.00
3Dresyn PP FA40 Flexible A40
3Dresyn PP FA30 Flexible A303Dresyn PP FA30 Flexible A30
Sale price€190.00
3Dresyn PP FA30 Flexible A30
3Dresyn PP EA20 Elastic A203Dresyn PP EA20 Elastic A20
Sale price€190.00
3Dresyn PP EA20 Elastic A20
3Dresyn PP SEA10 Super Elastic A103Dresyn PP SEA10 Super Elastic A10