"We are ready to customise 3D resins for you!"
Are you a printer Manufacturer or Specialist process designer and need 3D resins that make the best of a particular printer, application or process system?

We have the necessary skills and experience to design and manufacture 2D  / 3D resins. Click on this link to discover our services:

Our R&D team will help you develop a product that puts you ahead of your competitors. You will get the very best possible results from the printer, application or process system that you have chosen, designed and/or manufactured.

We are very experienced in creating the best product possible at the price level you want, in the shortest time possible.

We call the products/formulations that are customised and manufactured for you “Ultimate" custom products.

Our starting point is the completion of a mutual non-disclosure agreement. That is designed to protect both your and our commercial secrets.

We offer a range of services, including simply designing a resin or polymer system (and of course proving that it works as you want) all the way up to support you to design the best printer setup for your needs.


Please feel free to contact us to consult about our customisation and your application performance goals at: info@3Dresyns.com