3Dresyns is the world’s leading provider of innovative and professional 3D resins. We offer products and services for both beginners and professionals in 3D printing. Our 3D resins are made to order and compatible with most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers and printing technologies.

If environmental safety is your concern, our portfolio includes eco-friendly bio based 3D resins, giving you a unique range of added value functionalities.

Besides our extensive portfolio of SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resins discover also our 3D resins for Indirect Additive Manufacturing and other printing technologies, including inkjet printing:

3Dresyns markets

3Dresyns also supplies our resins to a wide range of markets and applications, which include engineering, electronics, dental, jewelry, and many more. Our team of experts has extensive experience in material science, polymer chemistry, photochemistry, and biochemistry. We will make sure that you receive excellent service and consultation in creating custom solutions for your 3D printing needs.
Discover examples of printed products with our 3D resins: 3Dresyns pictures

3Dresyns online shop

All our SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3Dresyns are ordered online in just few clicks!

Choose "any resin, any property, any color, any finish, for any application and printer".
Our 3D resins are compatible with most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers and with Formlabs Form 2 & 3.
We offer the widest range of functional and biocompatible photopolymer 3D resins for the 3D printing market. Discover our Collections of 3D resins, additives, functional mofifiers and auxiliaries
    Our 3D resins exhibit these properties, advantages, and benefits:
    • broadest range of 3D resins, including "monomer free" ultra safe biocompatible and functional resins
    • broadest range of applications
    • broadest color range: basic, special, biocompatible, food grade, RAL & NCS custom colors
    • broadest range of physical properties from ultra rigid, hard and tough to flexible, soft and ultra elastic grades 
    • 100% foldable, stretchable and twistable without breaking of hard and tough, flexible, soft and elastic grades
    • bio-based and biocompatible grades
    • excellent print quality and compatibility with most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
    • high resolution
    • high gloss and transparency of clear grades
    • low shrinkage
    • low adhesion on FEP & PDMS resin tanks (vats)
    • odorless and safe
    • promote increased durability of resin tanks
    • shelf life not affected by air nor moisture
    • easy and fast cleaning of 3D prints and resin tanks (vat) with tap water of water cleanable grades
    • solvent & water soluble 3D printed resins availability for making sacrificial molds for plastic injection molding, CIM and MIM
    • durable and biodegradable grades
    • organo-tin and epoxy free (BPA free)
    • customisation services to meet your performance needs 

    3Dresyns extensive 3D resins portfolio

    3Dresyns supplies the widest range of physical properties in the worldwide market, from ultra hard and tough to flexible and elastic grades, which have excellent cure speed and mechanical properties. Our hard and flexible, flexible, soft and elastic resins are 100% foldable and can be twisted and stretched without breaking. Our elastic grades have extreme elasticity and memory, recovering to their original shape after elongation.

    Our 3Dresyns are made to order and compatible with most printers, even with low cost printers. Our resins can divided in two groups: uni and multifunctional resins.

    3Dresyns sells online around 500 basic SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for identifying the color, packaging size, functionality, etc of its product portfolio. Some specialty products permit online multifunctionalization with over several thousand colors and up to 4 functional additives, among around 50 functional additive choices, which can be added online for custom design of over 10 billion ready to use 3D resins.

    After functionalization with colors and functional additives our basic or unifunctional 3Dresyns become multifunctional. Additionally, around 50 functional additives can also be purchased separately for custom addition, by your own at your chosen dosage, to meet your specifications.

    This optional multifunctional offering may appear overwhelming to newcomers to 3D printing. If you want to keep it simple, then do not add any of the optional functional additives to your order. Just ignore the bunch of offered options/ choices! If you want to play and need specific functionality or performance to meet your unmet needs, explore our impressive multifunctional offering!

    FDA and ISO compliance

    3Dresyns sells online the broadest range in the market of biocompatible 3D resins compliant with the FDA and ISO Quality requirements for the manufacturing of medical devices, including:

    • biocompatible medical devices
    • medical models and devices.
    • auditory prosthesis
    • dental prosthesis
    • bones, cutting guides
    • other prosthesis
    About our bio-based 3Dresyns

    We have the broadest range of safe bio-based and biocompatible 3D resins in the market. The basic components of our bio-based 3Dresyns are safe and “green” since are based on natural biological derivatives "bioplastics", which are functionalized to react with light. Our Bio-based 3Dresyns exhibit similar mechanical properties as their synthetic counterparts.

    Monomer Free 3Dresyns

    3Dresyns is the only supplier offering ultra safe Monomer Free MF 3D resins as supplied. Our Monomer Free MF 3Dresyns are ultra safe since do not contain any monomers. Monomers due to their low viscosity can be absorbed by the skin and mucous membrane, when they are not fully cured and properly post processed, causing skin and mucosa irritation, and other hazards. Some toxic monomers can even cause damage to organs if leach out. Lear more: Potential health problems of monomer based 3D resins