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3D resins for Viscous Lithography Manufacturing and Hot Lithography

Our high viscosity 3Dresyns for Viscous Lithography Manufacturing VLM and Hot Lithography HL have these key advantages and benefits vs most competitors´ low viscosity 3D resins:

  • improved mechanical properties and durability
  • excellent non yellowing and light fastness
  • higher safety and biocompatibility
  • monomer free MF
  • 0% VOC´s (Volatile  Organic Compounds)
  • can be ordered online with multi-color choice and multi-functionality

We offer the most comprehensive range of viscous 3D resins for the following printing and manufacturing systems, shown in decreasing relative cost:

Direct Additive Manufacturing processes with cost analysis:

  • Hot Lithography: our Ultra High Viscosity UHV 3Dresyns are ideal for direct printing in Hot Lithography printers at high temperature, such as the Caligma and Cerion from Cubicure
    • Cost analysis: very high cost printer setup with prices of c. 180.000 Euro per printer unit
  • Viscous Lithography Manufacturing VLM: our Ultra High Viscosity UHV 3Dresyns are ideal for direct printing in VLM printers, working at room temperature, such as the new VLM printer from BCN3D
    • Cost analysis: high cost printer setup with prices of c. 50.000 Euro per printer unit
  • Heated SLA DLP & LCD printers: our ready to print 3Dresyns "like" best conventional engineering plastics are ideal for direct 3D printing in low cost SLA, DLP & LCD at room temperature and with heated setups as the shown below. We offer Low Viscosity LV versions for printing at room temperature and High Viscosity HV versions for printing at relatively high temperature (25-40ºC or higher). Both versions are ultra safe, do not contain any VOC´s and exhibit ultra high mechanical performance.  
    • Cost analysis: low cost printer setup with prices from 200 to 2.000 Euro per printer unit. Ideal for short-medium runs
    • professional and hobby SLA, DLP & LCD printers can be used straight away -without any modifications- or for even higher mechanical performance, low cost heating systems can be installed to print our High Viscosity HV versions of our 3Dresyns "like" best conventional engineering plastics 

Affordable professional heating systems can be easily installed in any printer for less than 50 Euro:

  • Heater: A small 300 W heater with fan of 6x6 cm is enough for heating fast most printers up to 50ºC or higher. This unit can be installed anywhere, even in small printers, behind the resin tank, inside the cover,  thanks to its reduced size: 

  • Temperature controller: a temperature controller is ideal for keeping constant the temperature inside the printer chamber. The temperature sensor probe can be located in a corner inside the resin tank to ensure that the temperature of the resin is kept constant during printing


Discover our 3Dresyns "like" best conventional engineering plastics  for cost effective professional SLA, DLP & LCD printing. They can be printed straight away without any printer modifications (choose Low Viscosity LV versions) or for having even superior mechanical properties, choose  our HV versions, which with our recommended cost effective heating systems will permit you printing ultra high performance materials.  

Alternatively, discover our collection of Ultra High Viscosity 3Dresyns UHV for:

  • Direct printing or manufacturing with Hot Lithography HL or Viscous Lithography Manufacturing VLM

Our consulting services include recommendations of the most cost effective 3D printing system setups for your specific needs and budget:

and 3D resin customisation services:

    Contact us by whattsapp or by email to discover the best printing setup for your needs and budget: info@3dresyns.com