Do you need help to formulate UV Flexo Inks?

Resyner offers formulation consultancy on a wide range of UV flexographic inks.

UV Flexo Inks portfolio offered by 3Dresyns consulting services:

"UV Curing Flexo Inks Formulated on Cutting edge “Next Generation” Technology"

Flexo Inks Portfolio:


  • Concentrated single pigment inks (14 bases) for carton and paper.


  • Ultra sharp inks for 4 colour printing


  • Accurate matches to Pantone colour book formulations when used with specified volume anilox rollers.


  • Formulated to match Hexachrome origination at standard densities.


  • Version to give widest colour range without using fluorescent pigments to give optimum flow and transfer.  

HiAD Labels (full range of Pantone base inks & process colours)                 

  • High adhesion to difficult substrates e.g. self-adhesive plastics, foils


  • Metallics: high lustre gold & silver inks
  • Fluorescent: full range of colours for optimum brightness.

3Dresyns formulations have been developed with the following outstanding features:

  • Outstanding flexo performance
  • Very low viscosity
  • Exceptional transfer – high colour densities with sharp dot reproduction
  • User friendly – suitable for all major press types and a wide range of substrates without the need for formulation adjustments
  • Excellent cure response
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Laser compatible
  • Press ready and fully intermixable
  • Low taint and odour – suitable for indirect food packaging
  • Excellent ‘in-can’ stability
  • Surfactant free for best intercoat transfer & adhesion
  • Non foaming
  • Suitable for application through chamber Doctor Blades, one & two roll pan applications
  • Benzophenone free versions available where minimum migration is required e.g. food packaging, microwave cooking

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