Do you need help to synthesise high quality water based resins for specialty paints and coatings? including specialty graphic arts applications such as tobacco innerliners?
Resyner offers synthesis consultancy on a wide range of acrylic polymer emulsions, dispersions and resin solutions for water based inks & coatings systems. The custom designed products covered in our consulting services deliver high performance properties to water based printing inks and to clear/pigmented coatings on a variety of substrates like wood, concrete, plastic, carton, paper and metal.
The diverse water based technologies in our portfolio allow inks and coatings manufacturers to formulate a wide range of coatings for primers and topcoats for specialty inks and coatings, as well as for paper and nonwoven impregnation.
Resyner custom resin consulting covers a wide latitude of performance properties to optimize your products, such as hardness, adhesion, water and rub resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance, hardness and outdoor durability.

Product lines covered by Resyner synthesis consulting services: Water based emulsion polymerization/synthesis consulting for:

  • Specialty graphic arts:
    • Overprint varnishes (OPV´s) including tobacco innerliners
    • Graphic Arts: flexible and functional packaging 
    • Paper, paperboard and specialty paper coatings 
  • Specialty papers & non-wovens:
    • Paper, paperboard and specialty paper impregnation
    • Non-wovens
  • Metal coatings
  • Plastic coatings,
  • Decorative & architectural paints (including elastic roof coatings), based on acrylics, styrene acrylics, VeoVa vinyls, etc. 
  • Industrial coatings
  • Marine coatings
  • Automotive coatings
  • Furniture and wood coatings
  • etc.

Discover some of our water-based resins covered in our polymerization/synthesis consulting services:


  • Fast curing
  • Weather resistance
  • Clarity and non yellowing
  • Gloss and matt finishes
  • Adhesion to plastics and metals
  • Water and chemical resistance for some specific grades
  • Wet and dry rub resistance
  • Excellent transfer and printability
  • Long shelf life
  • VOC´s free (volatile organic compounds)
  • APE free (alkyl phenol ethoxylates)
  • HAPS free (hazardous air pollutants)
  • FDA compliance 
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