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3Dresyn IJ OD UHR White for printing models with the vacuum thermoforming process

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Dental 3Dresyn IJ-OD-UHR White has these features and benefits:

    • printable with most commercial and professional Inkjet 3D printers
      • Stratasys: Objet Eden 260V, 260VS, 333, 350, 350V, 500, 500V, 1000 Plus, J750, Objet Connex 260, 350 and 500 series
      • 3D Systems: ProJet MJP 2500, 2500+, 3500, 3510 and 3600 Plastic series
    • Versatile material, ideal for printing "try in" devices for bite registration and occlusion, impression trays,  master prosthodontic and orthodontic models, dental models used for manufacturing clear orthodontic aligners and appliance models with the vacuum thermoforming process
    • white color without sedimentation
    • ultra hard and rigid UHR
    • extra hard Shore D85-90
    • Tensile strength >50 MPa
    • Flexural strength >40 MPa
    • rigid (Young modulus 2700-3100 MPa)
    • elongation <2.5%
    • high Deflection Temperature >160C@0.45MPa
    • excellent dimensional stability
    • high resolution up to 20 micron
    • durable
    • very low viscosity <20 mPas at 70C
    • very low shrinkage
    • organo-tin free
    • fully compliant with the Quality requirements of ISO 20795-1 and ISO 10993-1