Fine Tuner TA1, our general purpose fast "Thermal Accelerant" for thermally curing our 3Dresyns

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Fine Tuner TA1 is our general purpose fast 2 component "2C" Thermal Accelerant system for thermally curing our 3Dresyns. Its usage is ideal for casting manufacturing by injection molding.
  • Recommended dosage: 1-3% of Fine Tuner TA1 part A and 0.1-1% of Fine Tuner TA1 part B by weight 
  • Fine Tuner TA1 part A acts as an Accelerant of part B.
  • The use of Fine Tuner TA1 part A permits the curing at relatively lower temperatures
  • The use of Fine Tuner TA1 part A is not required if the thermal curing is at temperatures >80ºC
  • Pot life: from minutes, to hours or days depending on specific 3Dresyn system
  • Curing temperature 60-80ºC
  • Reaction time at 60-80ºC: several minutes depending on TA1 part A & B  dosages, curing temperature and specific 3Dresyn reactivity

Fine Tuner TA1 is supplied as a kit, which contains 1 bottle with 100 grams of Fine Tuner TA1 part A (clear liquid containing the Thermal Accelerant A), 1 bottle with 100 grams of Fine Tuner TA1 part B (white paste containg the thermal accelerant B) and 1 empty 250 mL black bottle to mix and keep our 3Dresyns.

Note:Fine Tuner TA1 part A and B  are recommended for casting applications. Our 2x100 mL dispensers of TA1 part A & B are normally used at small dosage (1-3% by  weight of each) and are  enough for fine tuning between 10 Liters of our 3D resins. 

Read the MSDS carefully. Keep the product in the fridge for  and avoid over dosing any reactive resin with Fine Tuner TA1 part A & B to avoid any exothermic reaction.

  • Maximum storage temperature: 30°C
  • Storage stability as from date of delivery: 6 months