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Additive Manufacturing AM and 3D printing are already being used for the nano, micro, and macroscopic scale manufacturing of a broad range of 3D printed multifunctional photopolymer resins with high performing properties and high resolution and accuracy, for a diverse range of markets and applications, from sub-micron and nano to macro fabrication, including hobbyist "DIY, prototyping, modelling and product designjewelrydentalotoplastics / hearing aidsproduction of technical ceramics and metals, durable and sacrificial moldinginjection molding of technical ceramics and metals with sacrificial moldsfunctional engineering, bio scaffoldsbioprinting and tissue engineering, hydrogels, anti-static, electrostatic discharge ESD materials, printing plates, thermo responsive and other 4D printing resins, security systems, 3D adhesivesbiocompatible biomedical devices like micro drug delivery implant devices, microneedles and microporous membranes, cell-sized micro-robots, electronics for printing conductive rigid and flexible electronic materials such as antennas for IoT applications (HF, UHF), RFID and NFC tags, OLED, OPVs, flexible PCBs, flexible cables, transparent electrodes for touch screens, based on silver nanowires 3D ink systems, miniaturization of micro electronics components like micro antennas, micro RF devices, and other electrical devices, where direct printing on photodiodes and LEDs is undertaken to avoid micro component assembly, pressure, temperature, humidity, and bio sensors in aerospace applications, metamaterials used in mechanical engineering, aerospace, sound insulation, and other innovative areas, such as ophthalmic lenses, micro optics, micro lenses, micro prisms, compound lens systems, metalenses for optical telecommunication, electronic and processing equipment. As well as lab-on-a-chip microfluidics, where microscopic quantities of fluids are circulated through 3D printed micro channels, with lab-on-a-chip 3D technology, and many more custom designed innovative 3D applications.

3D printing has changed and revolutionized the manufacturing of an immense number of nano, micro, and macro scale materials, thanks to the development of high performance photopolymerization 3D printing resins and printing technologies. From the fabrication of very small printed materials in the nano scale with feature sizes from 1 nm (1 nm or nanometre = 0.000000001 metre), to 1 micron (1 micron =0.000001 metre), and up to the macro scale with maximum printing sizes of metres, all with complex geometries and custom designed multifunctional physico-chemical properties.

3Dresyns multifunctional photopolymer 3D resins, containing metals, ceramics, and exotic materials are nowadays being used for manufacturing high quality 3D printed products with a broad range of 3D printing techniques.

3Dresyns offering to 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing

3Dresyns has developed the most innovative and extensive portfolio of multifunctional photopolymer resins in the market for the most important nano, micro, and macro 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies, including the following printer types and manufacturing equipment:

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