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3Dresyn Edu-Safe for Ultra Safe Educational printing

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3Dresyn Edu Safe are fancy colored ultra safe 3D resins which have been designed for introducing ultra safe stereolithographic SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printing to youngsters at homes, schools and universities. Our goal is to promote safe SLA, DLP & LCD  3D printing at homes, schools and universities with the maximum safety standards.

The main advantages of SLA vs FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) or filament printing is higher resolution and definition of prints, broader range and improved material properties. One of the key disadvantages that has limited the promotion of stereolithography in homes and schools has been that commercial SLA 3D resins are not safe, causing skin and eye irritation and most of them are harmful to health and the environment.

Another limitation of SLA 3D printing has been its secrecy related to its basic fundamentals, creating a sense of mistery and in practice frustrating "blax box" testing.

In order to unboxing the "blax box" and promote scientific teaching and safe printing, the 3Dresyns team has designed these simple, scientific and reliable 3D printing and tuning guidelines to ensure a clear and deep understanding of SLA 3D printing fundamentals.

One of the key objectives of 3Dresyns is to design, make and promote safe and environmentally friendly 3D resins to ensure safe printing resin handling and disposal.

3Dresyn Edu Safe is a non hazardous "100% safe" 3D resin which exhibits these features and benefits:.

  • ultra safe
  • hard with certain flexibility, Shore hardness D70-80
  • compatible with most commercial SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • bio-based and biodegradable, without any aquatic hazards
  • organo tin free
  • full range of ultra safe fancy colored finishes: special metallic and non metallic food grade bio colors:
    • Bio Metallic white, mineral source
    • Bio Metallic Cobalt blue, mineral and synthetic source
    • Bio Metallic red, mineral source
    • Bio Metallic violet, mineral and synthetic source
    • Bio Copper, mineral source
    • Bio Bronze, mineral source
    • Bio Gold, mineral source
    • Bio Organic black, vegetable source
    • Bio Bourdeaux, mineral source
    • Bio Orange, synthetic source
    • Bio Red, synthetic source
    • Bio Brown, synthetic source
    • Bio Blue, synthetic source
    • Bio Green, synthetic source
    • Bio Yellow, synthetic source

Note: Despite the high safety standards of this product line, gloves and goggles must be used when handling these, and other chemicals, to ensure maximum safety practices.