Different types of injection units/machines can be used for indirect AM: Conventional injection resins, and even CIM and MIM feedstocks for producing 100% pure sintered materials after injection in 3D printed molds, debinding the binder, and sintering your chosen ceramics, or metals, or nano & micron size exotic materials. All the mentioned materials can be supplied as solids at room temperature in metal cartridges of 25 mm external diameter for direct injection in low cost manual injection machines such as this type of manual injection equipment:

3Dresyns ceramic and metal slurrries are based on eco friendly solid binders at room temperature, which become liquid pastes with excellent  flow at injection temperature. They are partially water soluble to facilitate de debinding in water, by creating micropores for defect free debinding, followed by thermal debinding (two step debinding) and sintering . The insoluble binder portion helps to retain the shape during the whole debinding process.

Other required equipment and materials for Indirect Additive Manufacturing AM: