3Dresyns goal is to offer a full range of ready from the bottle solutions as well a full range of fine tuning functional chemicals and processes to give you the possibility of adjusting and designing materials to meet your specifications.

This is offered for systems ranging from simple hobby type use (unifunctional 3D resins), through to complex cutting edge solutions using high end “technical” and “commercial production” printers with multifunctional resins designed to do exactly what you want.

Don´t accept second best. Don´t accept trying to find and use a "one size fits all" type solution that does not offer you the best possible answer for your specific application.

Ready to print made to order 3D resins

Our 3D resins come as standard ready to print; approximately 90  to 95% of our resins printability and performance will come straight out of the bottle as supplied. You will be pleased to find that even then, their safety and performance (printability and mechanical properties) far exceeds our competitor’s resins.

How to address variability of printer performance

Every make of printer and even “similar or identical” printers from within a manufacturers range suffer from variations in the energy available to cure the resin. Click here for more info.

    We could play safe and simply design a “midpoint" resin to allow it to cure in all scenarios and printers but the very real disadvantage of this midpoint resin design approach is that it will not fully satisfy all printer settings and consequently prints will suffer from poor printability, print failure, slow or too fast cure, poor biocompatibility, etc,... resulting in dimensional distortion, lack of resolution, excessive brittleness because of over curing, or undercuring leaving excessive unreacted residual monomers, and unfortunately affecting the safety of prints and end users.

    Solution: made to order to your printer specifications

    To us it is better to have a material that it is made to order to your printer specifications, which cures properly in your printer and does not suffer from being too brittle, or it is poorly defined, or dimensionally inaccurate.

    Quality is the most important thing and a “one resin fits all printers” type resin does not offer such quality or performance.

    Contact us to get further advice and quotations if you need printing consulting, a technical training  or customisation services for new product design.

    It might be a lot less in cost than you think and save you many expensive hours of research and costly and frustrating mistakes from unsuitable resins. Use our expertise and experience to get fast results and answers to your needs.

    If you are unsure, then send us an email or whatsapp for further advice. Your questions will be answered quickly!

    As mentioned before, the 3Dresyns team will help you to select the right 3Dresyn among the millions of multifunctional 3Dresyns already available in our online shopping website.

    After placing your order request our Instructions for Use "IFU" by email at: info@3dresyns.com