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2Dresyns for specialty 2D printing inks and coatings

"Our Goal in 2D Printing: Any Colour, Any Material, Any Finish and Any Printing Ink and Coating application system, from flexography, letterpress, screen, offset lithography and inkjet printing to different coating systems"

A full range of taylored made coatings and inks "2Dresyns" for the widest range of Specialty 2D printing inks and coating systems and applications.
RESYNER TECHNOLOGIES custom designs a wide range of 100% solids, water based and UV/Visible curing 2Dresyns to help you to attain the desired Finish and Quality of your specialty 2D printing inks and coatings.
RESYNER TECHNOLOGIES is an innovative supplier of taylored made Specialty 3Dresyns for 2D printing of industrial and professional applications.
We have over 25 years of experience in developing innovative green technical projects in water based, 100% solids (VOC´s free) and photochemical 2Dresyn systems.

Our Goal

"3Dresyns" RESYNER TECHNOLOGIES is focused in the development and marketing of ultra safe bio based and synthetic 2D resins (2Dresyns) for the 2D printing inks & coatings market.
Most of our products are based on “green” technologies and natural raw materials and exhibit excellent printability and performance properties.
Our 2Dresyns have high purity, very low residuals, non odour, very low skin irritancy, are handling safe and come from renewable biological and/or ultra safe synthetic sources.
We offer the widest range of colours and finishes in the Specialty 2D printing inks & coatings market by offering a Colour Service where customers can choose their desired RAL or NCS colour.

Maquina, Impresora, Imprenta, Tinta

What we do

RESYNER TECHNOLOGIES custom designs, develops, produces and sells Business to Business High Quality 2Dresyns for a wide range of Specialty 2D printing inks and coatings applications.

Please contact us to consult about our customisation services of 100% biocompatible 3Dresyns and your specific performance goals at: