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3D resins for hot lithography

Hot lithography is a printing technology which is capable of printing high viscosity resins since printing temperatures can reach up to  120°C or higher.

At high temperature viscous resins have a much lower and printable viscosity. 

Our custom resins for hot lithography can work with wavelengths from 250 to 500 nm. 

The 3Dresyns team has the expertise to custom design 3D resins for Hot Lithography printers and for your specific 3D printer setup, to meet specific performance properties and benefits, such as:

  • increased functionality and biocompatibility
  • ultrasafe pictograms & risk free resins:
    • monomer free and bio based resins can be designed upon request
  • excellent printability of sticky thick resins,  well known for their poor flow and difficult printability by most 3D printing systems

      Please contact us to consult about our custom designed 3D resins for Hot Lithography for your specific printer setup and performance goals at: