3Dresyns can consult you to design the safest 3D resin and printer setup and workflow for each biomedical application, and the safest printing and post-processing protocols for ensuring maximum polymer conversion and minimum residuals and byproducts content and extractability during usage by the human body.

Safety can only be ensured with the adequate material design, monitoring and control of both the printer and the light box units, as well as with well defined cleaning processes and protocols to prevent external contamination by production malpractice and ensure that impurities and residuals are extracted before use, during the device postprocessing stage, or during sterilization, and not during its use by final users to avoid its potential absorption by the body, eg the mucosa of the mouth in dental applications.

Safe and detailed printing, postcuring and postprocessing protocols are required to ensure that biomedical and food packaging printed materials are safe for final users. In reality, consumers can be in risk of absorbing extractables, or leachables, or residuals, or byproducts when the wrong resins are chosen and when the right controls and protocols are not implemented by manufacturers.

3Dresyns consulting services: