Our Ceramic 3Dresyns CDP are “ready to use” 3D resins that have been designed for Ceramic Direct Production CDP after selection, addition and dispersion of your specific ceramic material such as alumina, fused silica, Y-Zirconia, etc.

Ceramic 3Dresyns CDP have these features and benefits:

  • excellent dispersibility and flow of post added micron and submicron ceramics
  • the ceramic additions can be up to 50% volume concentrations still with good flow
  • water soluble versions CDP WS for fast debinding in water
  • low debinding and decomposition temperature for fast and low temperature debinding of Ceramics and of low temperature sintering materials
  • very high resolution 3D printing for very high detail and resolution applications
  • high print quality and speed with curing wavelengths up to 410 nm and higher upon request
  • controlled and reproducible process shrinkage
  • minimum expansion coefficient and wide temperature interval of debinding to prevent micro-fractures
  • elongation at break <5-10%
  • relative low viscosity and good flow
  • very high resolution of 20 microns of final products
  • low shrinkage
  • printable by SLA DLP 3D printers with laser, LED & DLP projectors
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free


     Non Water Soluble


    Water Soluble


    New: Ceramic 3D resin with two debinding systems:

    • low debinding and decomposition temperature and
    • water solubility

    Please click here to discover our new low debinding temperature (LDT) and water soluble (WS) Ceramic 3Dresyn CDP-LDT WS

    Discover our contribution to Ceramics manufacturing;

    Please contact us to consult about our customised Ceramic 3Dresyns and your performance goals at: Info@3Dresyns.com